Theatre Review: Of Mice and Men, Octagon Theatre, Bolton

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I always have great expectations when I go to the Octagon, but this production is brilliant even by its own standards.

It raises the bar to do full justice to the classic novel by John Steinbeck and in so doing delivers a masterpiece.

The story concerns two itinerant workers travelling from ranch to ranch who share their own American dream. George is the carer in the relationship while Lennie “just isn’t bright,” and Andrew Langtree (George) and Kieran Hill (Lennie) play the parts perfectly.

I was also impressed by Marc Small, who plays the Negro ranch worker Crooks, while David Fleeshman gives a wonderfully understated performance as mild-mannered Candy. But I am sure all the cast enjoyed getting their teeth into such marvellous material.

Stage design always takes on an interesting concept at the Octagon and in this production we have a stream running across the stage which “magically” disappears and then reappears.

Its run comes to an end on the 16th so do try to get there (ticket office 01204-520661) if you want to see theatre at its best. Following this, my own expectations will be even higher in future.