Review: Aquapac to waterproof your camera

Keep your camera safe with Aquapac
Keep your camera safe with Aquapac
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THIS handy little piece of gear is brilliant for camera users. You can safely jump in the pool and take photographs of the children splashing about or grab your snorkel gear and capture some underwater gems.

This simple, but effective item, basically keeps your camera dry when you immerse it in water. It has a five year warranty just incase.

It is 100 per cent waterproof to a depth of five metres and is fool proof too, with an easy-to-use clamp and tear resistant TPU casing. And if you seal it properly, it will float. I tried in out on a trip to Sark in The Channel Islands and with two young children, who are drop happy, it was a real asset and it meant I could get some really good water based photographs.

Its compact too and has a necklace so you can keep it safe at all times. A good, easy idea, which works and well.

Priced from £25, log onto for more details.