Comedy at full gallop!

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REVIEW: “Post Horn Gallop”, by Derek Benfield.

Performed by the Clitheroe Parish Church Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society at the St Mary’s Centre, Clitheroe.

What a gallop it was!

Fast-paced, spot-on timing and very funny, Clitheroe Parish Church Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society pulled out all the stops last week to provide their audiences with excellent entertainment.

Post Horn Gallop, by Derek Benfield, began sedately in the baronial hall of Lord Elrood, played convincingly by Bob Cleeve, together with shotgun, and Lady Elrood, Liz Wrigley, graceful and very posh. Ada, the maid, was brilliantly played by Kelly Steed, who was ready to discard her apron (and probably more), to win over Chester Dreadnought, married to the Elrood’s beautifully dressed daughter, Patricia, played by Sam Smith.

Brian Haworth, as Chester, contributed wonderfully to the pace of this comedy, ducking and diving to avoid the two rogues, Mr Capone and Mr Wedgewood – two excellent performances by Roger Boardman and Bernard Kennedy.

Elrood Castle had been opened to the public on this particular weekend and Maggie and her husband Bert, played by Helen Guiver and Trevor Lord, were among the first visitors. They had everyone in stitches – a lesson in how not to behave with the aristocracy!

Showing the public around was the guide, Miss Partridge. Jean Pells, despite being bound and gagged, obviously enjoyed her cameo part, as did we. An innocent bystander, Scoutmaster George Willis, cleverly played by Damian Marsh, was drawn into the comings and goings, often looking bemused by each turn of events but what an outcome – well done saucy Ada!

From a quiet start the end became a frantic chase, all very cleverly directed by Lesley Haworth, who must be congratulated on this, her first production.

The costumes were delightful and the set was stunning. Designed and built by Brian Haworth, it was an outstanding achievement.

This was a production of which to be proud. Thanks go to the cast, stage crew, and the director for an excellent evening. Well done!