Songstress Ella aiming for chart success with debut album launch

Talented songstress Ella Shaw who is preparing for the launch of her first album
Talented songstress Ella Shaw who is preparing for the launch of her first album

Ella Shaw wowed Simon Cowell with her own song Summertime and now she is banking on her new album storming up the charts in the autumn.

The 19-year-old pianist from Langho amazed Britain’s Got Talent judges with her rendition of Summertime on the blockbuster TV show, with music guru Cowell saying: ‘I think you’re mega, mega talented.”

Ella, who releases her self-penned LP, Imperfections, with a launch show at Clitheroe’s Grand Theatre, said: “The whole thing, Britain’s Got Talent, was pretty insane.

“I’d go to Blackburn or Manchester shopping and people would stop me saying, ‘Hey. That’s the girl off the TV, can I have your autograph?’

“Britain’s Got Talent gave me the confidence to pursue my dream but while it gave me an incredible platform it didn’t help me as much as people might think. One of my main goals in life is to help people believe in their dreams and that means so much to me personally.”

One of the ten songs on the album, Drop of Rain, tells of Ella’s torment as she went bald at the age of 11, suffering from alopecia a stress related condition she recovered from three years later.

“The new album is like a diary. I’m putting a lot of myself out there and sharing it with people,” she said.

The dream began when she was encouraged to audition for a local production of the hit musical Annie and that same shy little girl now has a worldwide fan club.

The album launch takes place on Saturday, September 3rd. Tickets are £8.50 and the box office number is 01200 421599. Contact Ella at and Shaw Music.