Unleash your inner beast as Medusa headline protest gig

Julian Molinero, vocalist of Medusa. (s)
Julian Molinero, vocalist of Medusa. (s)
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A wild punk band will bare its teeth when it headlines one beast of a show next month.

Clitheroe-born Medusa is out to rock the boat at a special gig set up to protest the controversial ownership of Blackburn Rovers FC.

“It will be a wild, energetic and unpredictable show,” said vocalist Julian Molinero. “It should be a big event as there are five handpicked bands so anyone into rock music in general will have a great night!”

The band, which also comprises bassist Kotaro Suzuki and drummer Kilian Noise , will bring its rebellious punk spirit to gig, Rock Against Venky’s, at The Napier in Blackburn.

In this free show, five acts will stand together against business Venky’s, which took over Blackburn Rovers in 2010. The company came under fire in 2011-12 when the football club was relegated to the Championship League, ending its 11-year run in the Premiership.

And Medusa is sure to feel right at home playing alongside bands Static, Honour Roots, Litterbug and Blue Bloods - after all, it has never shied away from a little controversy.

Since its birth in 1998, the band has hit national headlines for kidnapping Russell Brand’s garden gnome and is known for smashing up guitars on stage. The rockers - who name Sex Pistols, Nirvana and Van Halen among their influences - have also landed themselves on the “barred list” of several venues.

So it’s no wonder they’ve had a whirlwind of a journey since recording part of their second album at The Grand, Clitheroe. And now the musicians have reached a landmark moment - recording their fourth album with Nirvana producer, Steve Albini.

“He’s bringing an abrasive, war-like vibe to our music. It’s a dirty, unpolished and organic sound, which is being recorded on tape rather than digitally for a truer representation of our material,” Julian said.

No doubt this new direction will rock Lancashire audiences with all the mightier a roar.

“I love the freedom that punk music allows so expect some crazy things,” Julian added. “Even if we were a jazz or pop band we’d still be crazy!”

The show will take place on Saturday, September 2nd from 6pm to 3am, at The Napier, 10 Limbrick, Blackburn.

To check out the band’s material visit www.facebook.com/medusauk