Live music returns to Chatburn

The cover of Grace O'Malley's CD, When You Wish
The cover of Grace O'Malley's CD, When You Wish

FOLLOWING a successful first season of live music events at Chatburn, audiences now have the chance to enjoy the first double bill programme to be performed in Christ Church.

In addition to the superb music, the Chatburn Music Events often have a surprise element, such as at the Christmas Carol Concert when 60 Christmas crackers were pulled at the same time by members of the audience to create the biggest cracker pull in Lancashire.

The next event is a performance of music and song including classical originals and even a flavour of pop.

Superb instrumental harmonies from Preston Flute Group bring fresh presentations of classical and traditional pieces together with a venture into other genres of music that will delight. The inclusion of very rare instruments gives enormous range. They include a 6ft 4in. Sub Contra Bass, the only one in the UK.

Grace O’ Malley is rapidly gaining a justifiable reputation as a superb young soprano with a remarkable talent. She started singing lessons at six and sang on stage for the first time at seven. In the few years since, she has attended both Chethams School and the Royal Northern College of Music. Through raising thousands of pounds for various charities Grace has received a Highly Commended Young Citizen Award from the High Sheriff of Lancashire and been awarded honorary membership by the Royal British Legion for her fund-raising work.

Event organiser Clive Greenwood commented: “We are especially pleased they are able to appear together on the same programme to produce this special musical evening in the lovely surroundings and marvellous acoustics of Christ Church, Chatburn.”

Proceeds will be shared between the upkeep of the church and the charity Hope for Justice, which campaigns against human trafficking, slavery and the forced labour.

Clive added: “There is little awareness of the vast scale of human trafficking activity. Most people are aware of the drug problem, but the sale and profit from people who are forced to work for others against their will has a far greater activity.”

The Chatburn Music Event takes place at 7-30 p.m. on Friday, March 23rd, at Christ Church, Chatburn. Tickets are £7 including light refreshment and can be obtained by calling 01200 441624 or 01254 384893. For more on Hope fo Justive, visit: