Grand debut for guitar great

Classical guitarist Juan Martin
Classical guitarist Juan Martin

A CELEBATED virtuoso of the flamenco guitar – Juan Martin – debuts at The Grand this Sunday, October 9th.

Voted into the top three guitarists in the world by US magazine Guitar Player, Martin learned his art in the land of its origin, Andalucia, in southern Spain. His live performances are stuff of legend.

Not only does he have the ability to captivate a room with his stunning virtuosic playing, but his gracious demeanor and the historical stories behind the compositions tend to bring the music crackling into life.

He says: “The technique in the flamenco guitar fascinates people, there is a certain fluency and various classes of style within flamenco (palos) like the rumba and the buleria.”

“Traditional flamenco chord progression can convey many different feelings.”

Martin has also become well known as a music composer and teacher, forming an international company, Flamencovision, for the promotion of the highest quality musicianship. He has also recorded no fewer than 20 albums, mostly as a composer, but performing to an audience is his first love.

“For me, it’s about playing from the interior. I want to speak with the guitar and not just use technique for technique’s sake.

“People often have a misconception that flamenco music is fast and furious. The music that I enjoy performing is often slow and sad, though intense. But I like the fast stuff too!”

An extraordinary career has seen Martin perform in many exotic places, but his most privileged appointment came as a young man, when he was invited to perform by Roland Penrose and Lee Miller at Pablo Picasso’s 90th birthday celebrations in 1971. That performance that led to one of his finest albums – Picasso Portraits – a musical interpretation of the great artist’s paintings.

Juan Martin’s performance at The Grand, in York Street, Clitheroe, begins at 7-15 p.m. on Sunday and advance tickets cost £13.50. Call 01200 421599 to book or buy on The Grand website: