Genesis tribute band to perform in Clitheroe

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Tribute bands are not always noted for ambition but the definitive Genesis imitators, G2, are an exception to the rule.

A vintage period of the hugely influential progressive rock band will be celebrated at The Grand on Friday August 2nd, when the southern-based group returns for the fourth time with a new show.

“What we are aiming to do for you this year is a trip backwards in time, chronologically from 1980 to 1970,” said singer Terry Day. “We will visit all the albums from that decade together with events current at that time. This will only be the second time that we will be performing this show so most the audience will not have seen it before.

“The Grand is one of the venues we most look forward to returning to, we find it a perfect fit for the music.”

G2 Genesis has had no line-up changes in their decade as a band, further proof of the band members’ commitment to the project.

“You have to be a little insane about music to take on a project like this,” said Terry. “We try and recreate the Genesis sound as accurately as possible which is a big challenge considering how complex and layered the music is.”

“We all sacrifice an enormous amount of personal time and effort to get it right and ensure we deliver to the highest standard we can.”

Genesis were noted for the production of the live performance and the band are supported by a full technical crew when their show tours.

“The project was never going to be a half-way house,” adds Wilk. “We set out from the start to deliver Genesis live musically as close as possible. We then layered this with a big light and stage effects rig to ensure we recreated the visual atmospherics of a Genesis show. The last element was the plastic surgery... but we pressed the stop button there!”

G2 Definitive Genesis play The Grand on Friday August 2nd. Doors 7 pm, Stage 7-45 pm (£14.50 advance ticket). Tickets from the Grand Box Office (01200 421599) or at