Downham’s DJ Compa tops dance music charts

Will Brown, alias Compa, working the decks.
Will Brown, alias Compa, working the decks.
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School pals may remember him as Will Brown, but on today’s music scene he is achieveing cult status as “Compa.”

The 23-year-old former pupil of Ribblesdale High School has topped two dance music charts with his first vinyl single release after signing for the Deep Medi Musik label, specialists in dubstep music.

Will Brown, from Downham, is now known internationally as Compa.

Will Brown, from Downham, is now known internationally as Compa.

His titles “Narabeh” and “Alpha” on a 12-inch single released early this month have sold out at specialist record suppliers who sell the hottest new releases to dance DJs.

Will’s career as a recording artist and performer has taken him to the USA, Russia and all over Europe, and he is thrilled at the recognition his work is receiving.

“Signing to a major label like Deep Medi Musik has been a big step for me,” said Will, whose parents David and Michelle live in Downham.

“I expected to get some reaction from the release, but it’s been overwhelming.”

Will’s original compositions and his remixes of sampled dance tracks by top artists such as Faithless, recorded under his “Compa” stage name, have been described as “a sound that is perpetually nostalgic, yet equally refreshing, and heavy enough to shock the toughest of sound systems.”

Will was studying media at Blackburn College and playing drums in rock bands when a tutor introduced him to hip-hop music and how it was made.

“I completely changed direction,” he said. “I forgot about a career in media and went to Futureworks University in Manchester to learn how to make music professionally. I started making tracks and sending them to record labels, and gradually began to get noticed.”

As for the “Compa” stage name, Will got it simply by dropping the last letter from a Compaq brand computer he was using.

The name caught on, and now Compa is a lot more better known than William Brown.

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