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A Home from Home

A Home from Home by Veronica Henry: Love, loss, passion and tragedy all play their part as we travel between past and present to uncover unexpected truths and hidden surprises on almost every step of the journey - book review -

It’s not quite Romeo and Juliet but get ready for warring families, buried secrets, and star-cross’d lovers as Veronica Henry visits the ‘fair’ countryside of Somerset for a gorgeous, sunshine, cider-soaked story, beautifully written and perfectly wrapped for summertime reading.

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Secrets of Santorini

Secrets of Santorini by Patricia Wilson: Packed with intrigue, danger and romance, Wilson’s passion for the classics and an endless fascination with foraging into the vibrant corners of history - book review -

Set against the lush backdrop of stunning Santorini, a paradise island that glitters in the Aegean Sea and is noted for its colourful lava pebble beaches and steep white clifftop, Wilson’s tantalising tale of mystery, history, romance, and digging up the past is the perfect holiday escape.

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