Footwear review: The Trail Freak

The Trail Freak
The Trail Freak
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Off road running can be real fun. But it can also leave you with cold and soggy feet if you don’t wear the right gear.

Experts from VIVOBAREFOOT have worked hard over the years to design the ultimate shoe. And now they think the Trail Freak is just that.

Worn by trail running star A J Calitz, the Trail Freak is a lightweight, breathable shoe which has a natural wide fore-sole design which allows your toes to splay as nature intended, meaning you feel like you are running barefoot.

Made from V Trek outsole, the shoe is designed for maximum surface contact on off-road surfaces and has a second skin which allows your feet to move comfortably no matter what nature thrown at them. The shoes come in an array of bright colours for men and women and if you fancy looking before you try, place the following links in your online toolbar and walk before you run!, and

The Trail Freak, priced at £85. Check out for stockists and other top gear.