Top-class DJ act heading to Beatherder

K-Klass. (s)
K-Klass. (s)

The grainy video of K-Klass’ joyous floorfiller Let Me Show You, paints an austere image of life in the north west of England in the 1990s.

In the opening clip, K-Klass charge though a sprawling housing scheme of tower blocks and inter-connecting subways; a juggernaut burns on the side of a motorway while vocalist Bobbi Depasois mouths the lyrics to one of the biggest dance tunes ever in front of a sign proclaiming: "Uncle Joe’s Mintballs Keep You all Aglow."

If you’ve never heard the tune, stop what you are doing right now if you can and give it a spin - because a quarter of a century on, K-Klass are still tearing up the dance floor with their legendary house repertoire.

Paul Roberts, who brings K-Klass to next month’s Beat-Herder festival, said: “It is real northern grit, there’s nothing cheesy about Stanlow Oil Refinery, Wigan, Liverpool, the M6 or boys building a bonfire on a council estate.

“The whole idea of the film was to pick some of the drabbest locations, and the greyness was a stark contrast to the lovely happiness we felt.

“It just captured a moment in time and those words, 'The world is changing, moving so fast, this is the time to feel alive.’

“People say to us, 'Let Me Show You changed our lives'.

“A guy from America, who is suffering from cancer, wrote and said that he is using the song to keep himself motivated during his illness, and that’s an incredibly heartwarming thing to hear.

“Music can carry you through life like that and holds such a positive and strong message.”

K-Klass’ other monster hit, Rhythm is a Mystery, soared to number three in the singles chart, Roberts adding: “We virtually had no gear, a tiny Tandy mixer and that was it.

“We took a couple of tracks to Eastern Bloc (Manchester record shop), just to see what they thought.

“We didn’t have a name for the band or anything, and the tracks were just numbers, but they were really keen.”

He added: “I’ll never forget the moment that DJ Graeme Park first dropped Rhythm is a Mystery at the Hacienda, it felt like a piece of magic had happened.

“Not long after that we were on Top of the Pops, incredible really.”

K-Klass can boast a remix list longer than the River Ribble, having sprinkled their stardust over Lisa Stansfield, New Order, Blondie, Whitney Houston, Rihanna and The Pet Shop Boys.

“2017 was our busiest year ever, we never went more than a couple of weeks without a gig, and we’ve got a new album out soon.

“Last month, in 36 hours, we played in Dublin, a set in London, then Newcastle, and we arrived at the Cellar Bar in Blackburn at 4am.

“The place was full, absolutely bouncing.

“People of all ages, loads of youngsters who told us that they had got into K-Klass listening to their mum and dads dance records, and that they wanted to be DJs too.”

But it is K-Klass’ return to July’s Beat-Herder festival that has had a big red circle scrawled in Roberts’ diary since Christmas.

“When sometimes you lose focus, Beat-Herder restores your faith in human nature and reminds me of what I signed up for in the first place,” he said.

“We’ve played guest slots worldwide: Australia, Ibiza, a Formula One boat party in Dubai, but nothing comes close to Beat-Herder.

“In fact, we love it so much we are staying for the weekend.

“Last time we played the main stage, and when we hit the piano break for Let Me Show You, about 2,000 people sprinted out of their tents as the rain stopped.

“We are on the Factory stage, straight after Bez, so things should have warmed up quite nicely by then. We can’t wait.”

Beatherder, July 13-15th, Dockber Farm, near Sawley. Tickets: 0844 888 9991;