Theatre review: A View From The Bridge at the Octagon Theatre, Bolton

David Nabil Stuart as Marco. Photo credit: Ian Tilton
David Nabil Stuart as Marco. Photo credit: Ian Tilton
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A play of such quality as this one demands the highest standards from its performers. And that’s exactly what it gets in this production.

Colin Connor, whom we have seen in quite a few plays at the Octagon and who never lets himself down, gives a virtuoso performance here as Eddie Carbone, the central figure in this human tragedy. But equally superb are Natasha Davidson who plays his niece Catherine, Barbara Brennan (his wife Beatrice) and Tristan Brooke as Rodolpho, the illegal Italian immigrant who causes quite a stir when he enters into a relationship with Catherine. In fact no one in the cast puts a foot wrong and everyone plays their part perfectly in delivering this masterpiece as it was surely meant to be delivered.

The bridge in question is Brooklyn Bridge, and, to quote Simon and Garfunkel, it is certainly a bridge over troubled water. Feelings run high and the audience is captivated from beginning to end – when the emotional powder keg explodes.

Congratulations to David Thacker on such a wonderful production as the Octagon continues to be a theatre of which Boltonians can rightly be proud. It runs until February 14th with tickets available on 01204-520661.