The Odyssey (Greek Stuff!); Clitheroe Library, Mellor Brook Community Centre

The Odyssey (Greek Stuff!) presented by Rabbit Theatres David Mynne. (s)
The Odyssey (Greek Stuff!) presented by Rabbit Theatres David Mynne. (s)
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One man paints a thousand extraordinary lives in this humorous adaptation of one of history’s oldest tales.

The Odyssey (Greek Stuff!), presented by Rabbit Theatre’s David Mynne, is loosely based on Homer’s epic poem, a piece of Western literature considered to be the second oldest in existence.

With just a few simple props, Mynne resurrects a host of curious characters. Heroes, gods and monsters, including a one-eyed Cyclops, a six-headed monster and the terrifying sea god Poseidon, battle it out on stage.

“I’ve always done big, classic stories,” David said, “and it was the idea of stripping a really epic journey, like The Odyssey, right down to a one man performance that appealed to me. I’ve removed all the boring bits and kept it very silly but there’s still some lovely poetry in there courtesy of Anna Maria Murphy.”

“Rural touring was my first love of the theatre,” he added, “and I was doing it when it first got going around 30 years ago. I love walking in not knowing if it’s going to be an audience of 20 or 120. There’s the warm atmosphere and the chance to talk to the audience afterwards that you don’t get in a theatre.

“I’ve got so many amazing stories over the years that I’d love to do a show about rural touring! When I was touring Dracula, a genuine Transylvanian came to see the show in a village hall in the middle of Dorset!”

The show, suitable for ages 12 and over, will be presented at Mellor Brook Community Centre on Thursday, February 23rd at 7-30pm and at Clitheroe Library on Friday, February 24th at 7pm.

Tickets can be booked for each respective venue on 01254 812131 (Mellor Brook) or