Classical duo stun Clitheroe audiences with powerful music by Beethoven and Schubert

Yulia Chaplina (pianist) and Yuri Kalnits (violinist) being applauded by members of the Clitheroe Concert Society. (s)
Yulia Chaplina (pianist) and Yuri Kalnits (violinist) being applauded by members of the Clitheroe Concert Society. (s)

Clitheroe Concerts Society’s April concert started with music from Beethoven and Schubert, the founders of modern chamber music, who built on Haydn and Mozart’s work not long before them.

This was followed by a selection of the work of a more modern successor, Sergei Prokofiev (1891-1953), with a final piece by Rodion Shchedrin, born 1932 - a rare chance to hear Russian music played by two eminent Russian musicians, Yulia Chaplina (piano) and Yuri Kalnits (violin).

The concert started with Beethoven’s D Major Sonata from 1798. Beethoven was 28 when he wrote it and still influenced by his tutor Haydn’s style.

Franz Schubert started to write Sonatas although only age 19. However, he had already written over a dozen String quartets and other violin works and was a fine player of the instrument himself.

His “Sonatina” sonata was only named when published after his early death a dozen years afterwards.

The second half of the concert opened with a Piano Sonata by Prokoviev, No. 9, giving a chance to hear Yulia’s inspirational solo piano playing. Sergei Prokofiev was born in Russia

but moved to America after the revolution.

He returned to Russia in 1936, becoming well known for his operas and ballets. However, after the war he was attacked for writing “anti- democratic formalism” and his Spanish wife was arrested for espionage because she tried to send money to her mother. She was interrogated for nine months and then sentenced to twenty years hard labour.

Yulia and Yuri played short exerts from Prokofiev’s most popular works, ending the concert with violin and piano piece “In the Style of Albeniz” by the living Russian, Rodion Shchedrin and appropriately influenced by Spanish music.

The concert again attracted a big audience and it was good to see fresh faces.

The society’s next concert will be held on Wednesday 5 th June at 7:30 in the Ribblesdale Borough Council’s Chamber in Church Street. This is with the Borealis Saxophone Quartet, recently from their second appearance at the Proms, playing a range of music from classical to the shows.

There are no tickets or entrance fees, but a donation to cover the cost of the concert is invited.