50th anniversary celebration of The Simon and Garfunkel Story comes to Clitheroe

The Simon and Garfunkel Story who will appear at The Grand next month. (s)
The Simon and Garfunkel Story who will appear at The Grand next month. (s)
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Simon and Garfunkel were the most successful vocal duo of all time.

But since their first meeting, 50 years ago in New York, their union has been tested by personality, circumstance and disagreement.

Yet those timeless hits – Mrs Robinson, Cecilia, Bridge over Troubled Water, Homeward Bound and the Sound of Silence remain some of the greatest pop ballads ever written.

“When you look at their work, those amazing tunes, I think Paul Simon was a better lyricist than John Lennon and Bob Dylan,” says Dean Elliott who plays Paul Simon in the Simon and Garfunkel 50th anniversary celebration tour.

“Paul Simon is a genius, the greatest lyricist of all time in my book and that’s why their music has endured for half a century.

“Like all great artists, he was never content with standing still, he was always searching, pushing the boundaries out, and went on to have a career in acting, broadcasting, and films.

“Paul Simon was an entertainment sponge and together the two friends from Brooklyn changed the dynamic of pop music.”

The Simon and Garfunkel story transports the audience back to the groovy sounds of the sixties, from their humble beginnings as rock and roll act Tom and Jerry, charting the duo’s worldwide success, to their dramatic break-up.

The Simon and Garfunkel show also features 1960’s photographs and rare archive film footage, with a live band performing all the songs.

Elliott, who played the leading man in Buddy – The Musical – saw the new production selling out a West End theatre run earlier this year.

“The strange thing is I’m a massive Simon and Garfunkel fan, I had all their albums, so this is a great privilege for me,” added Elliott.

“The part landed in my lap after Buddy and then the show went insane in London.

“It was a crazy whirlwind of emotion because of my love for their music.

“It felt like I was stepping inside Paul Simon’s life and that was a great honour because I’ve always followed them religiously.”

They have not performed together for five years since Art Garfunkel’s voice deserted him after they had toured Asia and Australia.

However, in a recent magazine interview Simon’s old sparring partner, said: “I can sing like Artie is supposed to again. I feel a new Simon and Garfunkel album is just over there.”

Elliott added: “It would be wonderful if they wrote together again, whether they will play live again is one of the unanswered questions of rock and roll.

“I hope they do because I’ve never seen them play and that saddens me.

“Paul Simon moves in mysterious ways, but I’ve been told that they are aware of the show and that’s really nice.

“Simon and Garfunkel are very private people, but my dream is that one of them will come to one of the shows just to see how we are celebrating their remarkable lives.”

The Simon and Garfunkel Story, Clitheroe Grand Theatre, September 4th, £16-50. Call 01200 421599 or visit: www.thegrandvenue.co.uk.