Second supernatural thiller from author of ‘The Demdike Legacy’

Author of 'Familiar Territory', Barry Durham. (s)
Author of 'Familiar Territory', Barry Durham. (s)

Chipping author Barry Durham has published his second thriller, entitled ‘Familiar Territory’.

A tale of witchcraft, Satanism and possession, the book tells the story of a chance encounter between the main character Emma and a charismatic fortune teller with a hidden agenda.

Following on from the success of Barry’s first book, ‘The Demdike Legacy’, the new tome has received good reviews from Kindle readers.

One critic wrote: “I loved every aspect of the premise and the way that it was written. I think living near the area where the story is based made it all the more enjoyable but creepy. This a great read for anyone who enjoys supernatural, mystery or history based novels. Overall, I would give this 5 out of 5 stars.”