PHOTO SPECIAL: Creative group launched at Ribblesdale Camera Club

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A recently formed “Creative Group” within Ribblesdale Camera Club is pushingthe boundaries of what can be achieved using digital technology to create photographic works of art.

A recent meeting of the club was devoted to showing work already produced by the Creative Group, while at the same time giving members a sneak preview of the camera club’s new home from September – Grindleton Pavilion – and the facilities available there.

The evening proved a great success on both counts and members were delighted at the clear view of the screen and the high quality of the projection equipment. In addition, the projected “Creative” pictures were a revelation.

Not only extraordinary computer composites, but also stimulating images formed in-camera by the use of still life arrangements, long shutter speeds and the imaginative use of light. Guests of Honour were Ann Huson, chairwoman of the Pavilion committee, and architect Jeff Marshall.

With the move just a few months away this is an exciting time for the club, which currently meets at 7-30 on Tuesday evenings at West Bradford Village Hall.

For moreor information about the club, members’ galleries and the programme, visit:

Fragments, by Francine Critchley

Flying Fish, by Clare Drew

Explosion, by Steve Proctor

Which first, by Clare Drew

Stripes, by Gary Williamson

Balance, by David Conroy

Soldiers, by Bob Smith

Autumn, by Michael Critchley

Rainbow, by Mike Chester

Origami Invasion, by Michael Critchley