Lancashire ‘cats’ celebrated

Visitors to The King of the Cats exhibition at Clitheroe's Longitude Gallery. (s)
Visitors to The King of the Cats exhibition at Clitheroe's Longitude Gallery. (s)
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A wonderful evening was enjoyed, with Lancashire tales, raspberry tartlets and elderflower lemonade at the preview of The King of the Cats at Latitude Gallery and Longitude Studios, Clitheroe.

The touring exhibition features sculpture, painting, text, sound, drawing and installation, and is taking place until September 12th.

Gallery director Andy Schofield said: “The show is something of a departure for us and so far has been really well received. Children and adults alike have enjoyed interacting with the exhibits. As a gallery we are always looking to bring something new to Clitheroe and with The King of The Cats, we think we’ve definitely achieved that.”

Showing their work are artists Marjan Wouda, who creates lively sculptures in atmospheric peep-box settings, Julie Miles who is exhibiting characterful imagings in clay, Patricia Ramsden who is showing sculptural installations with a touch of the theatrical and Christopher Rainham who is presenting a selection of paintings, drawings and objects. Jacqueline Harris will be showing contemporary stories as recordings in collaboration with the people of Lancashire, with accompanying texts.

Artist Marjan Wouda commented: “We had a lot of interest on the opening night, in this beautiful gallery space. Visitors were amazed at the stories they never heard of, from places on their doorstep, and intrigued to learn from the artists themselves about the processes by which the artwork is made.”

Exhibitor Jacqueline Harris continued: “The people of Lancashire are fabulous. My search to find stories and tellers for the film, Gathered Tales of Lancashire, has been characterised by generosity and hospitality. All of the stories were told either first hand or had happened to a friend or a relative.”

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