International judge views Ribblesdale Camera Club’s digital photos

Sue Marsden's image, 'Running Horses', winner of the open class in Ribblesdale Camera Club's competition for digital projected images.
Sue Marsden's image, 'Running Horses', winner of the open class in Ribblesdale Camera Club's competition for digital projected images.

THE biggest section of the Ribblesdale Camera Club’s annual competition, for digital projected images, was judged by international judge Bob Dennis, from the Wirral.

Bob dislikes giving marks, as they merely separate the entries and give a false impression of the merits, so all images were discussed, but only the top nine in each section were graded. In all there were more than 120 entries.

The Open Monochrome (black and white) was won by Clare Drew’s shot of gnarled, oily hands delicately holding some feathers and a bird’s egg. John Fletcher came second with Fisherman’s Cottage and Clare also received third place with “Jazz Saxophone Fingers”. Other images in the top group were one more by Clare and three entries by Sue Marsden and one each from Bob Smith and Ken Geddes.

The Portraits were next considered, won by Trevor Marklew’s environmental portrait of a “Man near Karakoram Highway”. Maggie Harvey’s “Supplication” was second and Stephen Robinson’s much liked “Poise in Movement-JMO Fischer” third. Other pictures in the top group were by Trevor Marklew, Christine Dickenson, two by Clare Drew and one from Lesley Marklew. “Erato Piano Trio” by Ken Geddes, published in the Advertiser, was placed seventh.

The judge praised the club’s understanding of the “Record” section, defined as a record of an artefact to assist with its repair or reconstruction, should it be damaged or destroyed. Sue Marsden won the competition with “Building Detail, Amsterdam”, Peter Seavers achieved an excellent result with second, third, eighth and ninth. Other classified projections were by David Conroy, Barry Dickenson and two from Ken Geddes.

The Nature class was won by John Fletcher with “Lapwing”, showing the amazing colours of this bird. Stephen Robinson’s “Snipe” was second and Barry Dickinson’s “Emu” third. Other placed shots were by Lesley Marklew, Stephen Robinson, Helen Fletcher and David Conroy.

The final class was the “Open”, won by a beautiful picture of “Running Horses” by Sue Marsden, her second success of the competition. The horses themselves were naturally presented but the background had a kind of texture, her first attempt at this kind of picture.

Ann Moyle’s “Dawn in Kenya” was second and John Fletcher’s “Pyramidal Orchid” was third, a good illustration of the diversity of subjects, techniques and authors. Steuart Kellington, Stephen Robinson, Trevor Marklew, Christine Dickinson, Barry Dickinson and Raymond Greenwood filled the other places.

The club’s new digital projector gave excellent quality images, both sharp and of correct colour. The club meets at 7-30 on Tuesday evenings at West Bradford Village Hall. See for information about the club, members’ galleries and the programme.