House buyers wanted for new TV show

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DOES the thought of having to move a lifetime’s worth of stuff to your new home fill you with dread?

Is downsizing causing you to re-evaluate your belongings? Is it time to go out with the old and in with new ... or just out with the old! If so, the Secret Removers are here to help!

Objective Productions are looking for participants for a new Channel 4 property series, entitled “Secret Removers”, which aims to take the stress and expense out of the moving experience, while keeping everything a surprise from your nearest and dearest!

Here’s how it works: A homeowner will secretly nominate his or her household to take part, unbeknown to their partner or family. While everyone goes away for a short break the show’s removers will secretly move house for you. The Secret Removers team will tactfully sort through your possessions, using their expertise to decide what is needed in your new home, and what you could live without. And what might even make you extra cash for the new home! A crack team of interior designers will then transform your new home and give everyone the surprise of a lifetime on their return!

So if you are in the process of buying a property, will be moving house between now and June, and would like to take part, Objective Productions want to hear from you now. But remember, the people being surprised should have no idea you are nominating your household. For details or an application form, e-mail or phone 0141 4406785.