David chases down £12K on quiz show

David Hinder with his fellow "Chase" contestants
David Hinder with his fellow "Chase" contestants

A Ribble Valley politician has scooped £12,000 on a popular TV quiz show.

David Hinder, secretary of the Ribble Valley Constituency Labour Party, came under the national spotlight last Thursday evening when he won one third of £36,000 on ITV’s The Chase.Hosted by Bradley Walsh, contestants are under pressure to answer questions as they are “chased” by a quiz expert. Contestants are given 60 seconds each to answer as many questions as they can with each correct answer earning them £1,000.

David, Labour candidate in the 2015 election, racked up six correct answers and was offered the chance to increase his £6,000 winnings to a huge £36,000 if he started the chase one step closer to the chaser, Anne “The Governess” Hegerty. That was a chance he agreed to take.

And thankfully, it paid off and David sailed through to the next stage securing £36,000 for his team.

The prize pot was further strengthened with an additional £6,000 by a fellow contestant.

However, while the father-of-two’s performance was praised by the public after the show was aired, angry viewers blasted the final contestant - a woman called Kelly - after she took a sizeable minus offer on The Chase.

People lost the plot over her decision, which, as per the game rules, led her team’s collective money pot to decrease by £6,000, causing a storm of controversy on social media.

The show was filmed in March last year and David, who is married to Christine and lives in Wilpshire, had to remain tight-lipped about the whole experience.

David said: “I was delighted with the amount I won.

“I applied to appear on the show in February 2014 and after a process of interviews and auditions, the show was actually filmed in March last year.

“Kelly did get a lot of abuse on Facebook and Twitter because she accepted the minus £6,000 offer, but it’s all about teamwork.”