Clitheroe school pupils embrace different cultures

Ribblesdale pupils show their generosity during harvest week. (s)
Ribblesdale pupils show their generosity during harvest week. (s)
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Pupils at Ribblesdale High School proved once again just how generous they are during cultural awareness week.

All week different cultures and communities in school were celebrated starting off with the harvest festival which finished on Friday with a food bonanza when the school celebrated Eid and Diwali.

At the beginning of the week, pupils went to St. James’ Church in Clitheroe to celebrate harvest festival. To start the festivities, pupils sang raising the rafters in the church. The Rev. Andy Gray then involved pupils in a game which required cooperation, communication and the help of each other. Next Miss Lynas talked about the meaning of help and how pupils’ donations would help the Foodbank in Clitheroe. The final element of the celebration was a presentation

by Steph Clarkson who encouraged the pupils to think about the meaning of poverty and hunger followed with a reading by Caitlyn Payne and Amelia Hargreaves about feeding the five thousand. The celebration closed with another song which made everyone smile.

Head teacher Mr Stephen Cox thanked those involved in co-ordinating the service, but especially to all of Year Seven for their singing, donation and tremendous generous spirit.

Ribblesdale High School pupils with their harvest festival donations. (s)