Clitheroe man publishes first book

Book by William Morton
Book by William Morton
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A CLITHEROE man has published his first book.

William Morton was born in Clitheroe in 1958 and his book Two Plus Two = Five is an autobiographical account of a single day in 1994.

Mr Morton has spent much of his life on state benefits, and has twice been sectioned due to mental health issues.

His book offers an insight into life on the dole in “Thatcherite Britain”.

It also represents the author’s attempt to prove his sanity.

Much of the action of the novel takes place within the protagonist’s turbulent psyche.

His thoughts – bitter, chaotic and honest – veer between the political and the mundane.

He paints a picture of the unemployed as a “vast underclass of forgotten people, men and women abandoned by an uncaring and right-wing government”, and he seeks to give a voice to this normally unheard section of society.

Two Plus Two = Five is available online from Amazon and WHSmith.