Book Review: The Urban Circus

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WE all want to join the circus at some point in our lives and writer Catriona Rainsford was no exception.

But Catriona decided to do it in style! A chance encounter with a band of travelling street performers or malabaristas as the Mexicans call them, led Catriona on a two year adventure across this wonderful.

And boy did she have fun! She learnt to survive off a few circus skills and the kindness of strangers.

But there is always a dark side to everything and Catriona soon discovered that malabaristas are more than entertainers, their freewheeling shows are a rejection of the corruption and violence consuming the country.

This book is not only funny, but shocking too and Catriona’s tale is full of life as she journeys through dramatic landscapes and ravaged, but resilient cities. And it has also left Catriona with a strong Spanish accent, hola!

The Urban Circus by Catriona Rainsford, £9.99, published by Bradt Guides,