£1k raised for Pinnacle Project at Civic Society event

Clitheroe Pinnacle Project logo
Clitheroe Pinnacle Project logo
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A total of 100 guests attended a cheese and wine party in a marquee on the lawn of Downham Hall staged by Clitheroe Civic Society raising £1,000 for the Pinnacle Project.

The relaxed and convivial atmosphere, enhanced by the inimitable keyboard playing by Eric Ainsworth, reflected the enjoyment of everyone.

Both the Mayor and Mayoress of the Ribble Valley and the Mayor of Clitheroe were in attendance.

Pauline Wood, on behalf of Clitheroe Civic Society said: “Thanks for such a successful evening must go to The Seafood Company and The Assheton Arms for the loan of the marquee. The Hon. Ralph and Mrs Olivia Assheton played a major part in all the preparations and organisation of the event. They were absolutely superb.

“Thanks also go to Eric Ainsworth on the keyboard and John Parkinson and Steve Burke for the sound system. They all contributed to the event in a major way.

“Thanks are also due to local businesses and individuals who supplied prizes for the raffle. Friends and members served at the busy bar. Members of the society’s committee worked hard to ensure the success of the event, particularly Dorothy Falshaw, Shirley Penman and Olwyn Claydon.”