‘A Stage Full of Stars’ in Clitheroe

Clitheroe Community Church talent show - A Stage Full of Stars - Feb 2011
Clitheroe Community Church talent show - A Stage Full of Stars - Feb 2011

Talented local people of all ages delighted an audience for “A Stage Full of Stars” at The King’s Centre, Clitheroe.

The show was organised by Clitheroe Community Church youth leader Trish Clark, who said: “The original idea was for a low-key event for the young people, who love the opportunity to perform, but the level of interest was so great there were 16 acts in the end, including a number of adults.”

Friends Bethany Stone and Dionne Hanna opened the evening with a dance to the Justin Bieber song “Baby”. Along with other contemporary dance groups, acts also included a live band, vocalists, instrumental performers, a sketch and the traditional recitation “Albert and the Lion”.

The youngest performer, two-year-old Thomas Harris, proved the event was open to any age as he joined his four-year-old brother Benjamin and their parents in a song.

Trish summed up the evening, saying: “The atmosphere was great, as the audience seemed to appreciate equally the bravery of the younger performers and the polished performances of the more accomplished acts.

“We’d also like to express our gratitude to Archer’s Carpets, who supplied carpet for the stage free of charge, and Chris Clews, whose DVDs of previous events helped provide donations for the stage blocks.”