Unlucky Chatburn racer just misses out

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CHATBURN quad racer ayrton knowles just fell short in the race to win the Northern Youth Quad Championship at the final round Blue Barns, County Durham.

Lying in third place, only 18 points behind the leader, it was all to race for, but two wild card riders entered the meeting, meaning they could possibly take valuable points off the top three.

After practice Ayrton was happy with the bike’s set-up, and he got off to a reasonable start in fourth.

After two laps the lead changed and Ayrton also made a move to take third, quickly putting pressure on the rider in second, but he couldn’t find a way past by the time the chequed flag dropped.

One consolation was that the championship leader had engine problems and only managed a sixth-place finish, dropping him to second, within eight points of Ayrton.

The second race of the day saw Ayrton make a complete mess of his start, and he was shut out on the first turn, but with some quick thinking powered his way back up to fourth.

By the next lap he was up to third and chasing the lead, before the two leaders were jammed together on a tight hairpin bend, and Ayrton took advantage and went on to hold a 20-second lead to the flag.

Now he was only needed seven points to win, and as the gate dropped for the last time you could sense it would be a battle!

Ayrton was climing all over the back of second place, but just couldn’t find the grip on the slick, hard pack track, and as the last lap flag came out, his only option was into a left hand bend, before the two fast jumps before the finish, and when he made the move they were both rubbing wheels and neither one was going to give in.

They hit the first jump together and were split with a back marker.

Ayrton went to the off line left hand side, but got the drive and cleared the last just to take second place.

This wouldn’t be enough, however, as he finished second the championship.