SWIMMING: Clitheroe Dolphins’ medal haul

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A FANTASTIC weekend of swimming at the North Lancs Autumn gala saw Clitheroe Dolphins come away with 34 speeding tickets, 10 gold medals, 15 silver, 12 bronze and 142 new personal best times.

Over 40 swimmers from across the age groups took part and for many it was their first taster of a big weekend gala.

If a swimmer swam faster than the upper limit, they were awarded with a speeding ticket rather than a medal, although some of the younger swimmers would have preferred to swim slower and get a medal!

Year on year, more swimmers are entering this gala and Dolphins are coming away with more and more medals.

Speeders - Charlie Coy (50 Free), Megan Davidson (50 Free), Harry Wood 50 Back, Alasdair Moir (50 Back), Charlie Coy (100 Free), Abbi Procter (100 Free), Alice Entwistle (100 IM), Hannah Procter (100 IM), Charlie Coy (50 Back), Harvey Griffin (50 Free), Hannah Procter (100 Back), Alice Entwistle (200 Fly), Abbi Procter (200 IM), Iwan Timmins (50 Free), Robert Dyer (50 Free), Abigail Procter (50 Fly), Alasdair Moir (50 Breast), Jack Stanley (50 Breast), Alice Entwistle (50 Back), Darcy Williams (50 Back), Hannah Procter (50 Back), Harvey Griffin (100 Free), Jack Stanley (100 Free), Harvey Haworth (100 Free), Abigail Procter (100 Fly), Alasdair Moir (200 Breast), Alice Entwistle (200 Back), Hannah Procter (200 Back), Megan Davidson (200 Fly), Alasdair Moir (100 IM), Jack Stanley (100 IM), Charlie Coy (50 Breast), Harvey Haworth (50 Back), Alice Entwistle (200 Free), Jack Stanley (200 Fly), Charlie Coy (200 Breast).

Gold medalists - Oliver Timmins (50 Back), Robert Dyer (50 Breast), Alice Entwistle (50 Fly), Harvey Griffin (100 Breast), Charlie Coy (200 Back), Isabella Watt (50 Fly), Harvey Griffin (50 Breast), Iwan Timmins (100 Free), Isabella Watt (100 Fly), Abigail Procter (200 Fly).

Silver medalists - Robert Dyer (50 Fly), Holly Williams (100 Free), Holly Williams (200 Free), Abigail Procter (200 Free), Joe Kenny (200 Fly), Megan Davidson (50 Back), Charlie Coy (100 Back), Robert Dyer (200 Breast), Harvey Griffin (200 Breast), Amy Christie (200 Back), Iwan Timmins (50 Back), Alasdair Moir (50 Fly), Harvey Griffin (50 Fly), Charlie Coy (100 Breast), Harvey Griffin (200 Fly).

Bronze medalists - Joe Kenny (200 IM), Iwan Timmins (50 Fly), Joe Kenny (100 Fly), Iwan Timmins (50 Breast), Megan Davidson (100 Back), Hannah Procter (200 Fly), John Gornall (50 Free), Hannah Procter (100 Fly), Megan Davidson (50 Breast), Alice Entwistle (50 Free), Harvey Haworth (100 Back), Isabella Watt (200 Breast).