Sensational start for Adam

Whalley's Adam Morgan celebrates his race win
Whalley's Adam Morgan celebrates his race win
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Whalley’s Adam Morgan enjoyed a stunning start to the British Touring Car Championship at Brands Hatch.

The Championship returned to Brands with a record-breaking 32-car grid and the first three action packed races of 2016.

Whalley's Adam Morgan in action

Whalley's Adam Morgan in action

Morgan qualified seventh for the first race of the year, just 0.3 of a second away from pole position.

After losing a place at the start to a fast starting MG, he soon regained the place by the end of the first lap.

He was in the process of hunting down Jack Goff when the safety car came out, neutralizing the race.

Morgan was all over the back of Goff on the restart, but, having to defend at the same time, the slightest contact from the car behind pushed him wide at the final corner.

Now finding himself on the outside of the track, he was powerless to shut the door and prevent a train of cars squeezing through and demoting him to 10th.

As the cars began to sink into the rhythm of the race, the group began to spread out, and, try as he might, Morgan was unable to climb much further up the order and finished in ninth.

Despite being loaded with success ballast for the start of the second race, Morgan got a perfect start.

Successfully holding his ground in the frantic first lap, he was gifted two places after the leaders tripped over each other.

This left Morgan in eighth place and closing in on the battle for sixth and second.

However, he was also coming under increasing pressure from Goff, and was soon forced to switch to the defensive.

Holding his ground, he crossed the line in eighth place for more valuable points.

The final race of the weekend gave Morgan his chance to shine.

Randomly selected from the top 10 to start in second place, Morgan pulled off what he described as the best start of his career.

Leaving those behind to fight it out, Morgan was all over the back of race leader Sam Tordorff.

Lining up his move perfectly, and side by side all the way down the main strait, he effortlessly took the lead of the race.

Slowly pulling away from Tordorff lap by lap, Morgan built himself a safe gap from second and was able to perfectly control the race from there.

Despite the best efforts of the other 31 cars on track, Morgan earned his first win of the season, finishing the first round third in the championship with an impressive 37 points.

Report and pictures: Davai Goosey