Rosebowl doubles draw

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The draw for the Alan and Anita Whalley Rosebowl charity doubles at Sabden Bowling Club on Saturday, August 10th, has been made.

The action starts at 9-30 a.m., and competitors are to report at the time shown.

Scratch time is 15 minutes, with no practice.

The draw is: 9-30a.m. – A. Whitehead and C. Cornall v J. Schofield and partner; D. Parkinson and B. Butler v B. Wright and B Ashworth; J. Cooper and D. Rose v J. Rigg and F. Franks; B. Gaskill and partner v P. Houldsworth and K. Greenwood.

10-15a.m. - A. and M. Whalley v M. Saulle and J Whittaker; J. Faraday and C. Wall v D. Vickers and T. Stuart; B. Taylor and D. Holt v P. Brett and P. Sutcliffe; W. Holmes and partner v M. Burns and partner.

1-30p.m. – P. Wellman and partner v J Robinson and D. Sullivan; J. Maher and partner v D. Cunliffe and I. Edmondson; S. Anderton and partner v S. Gall and M. Beardmore; T. Holness and G Hartley v C. Hope and T. Singleton.

2-15p.m. – N. Bell & partner v G. and S. Wood; D. Johnson and R. Bateson v J. Atherton and J. Carr; J. Boyle and E. Wallace v L. Tomlinson and partner; C. Ramell and partner v G. Stephenson and S. Townley.