Gymnastics thriving at Roefield Leisure

Roefield Leisure Centre
Roefield Leisure Centre
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Roefield Leisure Centre, Clitheroe has a thriving gymnastics club for boys and girls from five upwards.

At present there are 142 young gymnasts on the roll.

The sessions are all an hour, with two run on Wednesdays starting at 5 p.m., and three on Fridays starting at 4 p.m.

The emphasis is on recreational gymnastics, incorporating fun and enjoyment as opposed to competitive gymnastics.

For young children, gymnastics is a great way of keeping fit and to realise the importance of flexibility and co-ordination.

Each session is delivered by qualified coaches in no more than groups of eight.

The head coach is Amanda Wilkinson who is a level 2 Artistic Gymnastic Coach and Regional Judge.

Amanda has been teaching gymnastics since the age of 16, while still competing at international level.

She has competed nationally since the age of seven, becoming Lancashire champion in 2003, finishing fourth in the beam final in the British Championships in 2004, and was a member of the North West team for five years.

Further to this, she has represented England in international competition in Russia in 2008 and against Russia and South Africa in 2007.

With this wealth of experience, she is able to pass this onto the young gymnasts and to the other coaches.

Each young gymnast is working towards a British Gymnastics proficiency award. If they have achieved the criteria, they are awarded their badge and certificate at the end of each course.

Depending on the levels at which a gymnast is at, some awards take longer than others and may not be completed in one course. If a gymnast does not achieve the necessary qualification then they are awarded a certificate of achievement.