Gary finishes eight points clear of pack

Winner Garry Davies
Winner Garry Davies
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The dismal weather forecast for last Saturday failed to deter Mytton Fold’s golfers as the club played the latest round in the Winter Series.

Players were rewarded by better-than-expected conditions, although the course was a little moist underfoot.

All this was of little consequence to Garry Davies, who returned an outstanding 40 points over the shortened 16-hole winter course.

The true measure of the quality of the win was that Garry’s score was eight points clear of his nearest challengers!

Although eight points in arrears, players were ganging up to take the scraps from the table with the finishing order of Jean Van Boeckel, Club Captain Peter Main, Garry Aston and John Berry all carding 32 points and only split by card play-offs.

The Twos Pot was split just three ways when Gary Aldred birdied the first, Dave Clegg the eighth and Mike Chatburn the ninth.

Peter Main/Dave Halsall and Garry Davies/Ray Standring took top honours in the Winter Pairs this week when both teams carded 42 points.

Wayne Ivinson/John Welch ended up two points behind, while the pairings of Nick Avino/Martin Holden, Jean Van Boeckel/Mick Kelbie and Frank Hindle/Mick Mahon all came home with 39 points.

An amusing moment in the Pairs event was watching Frank Havard admiring the expected trajectory of his second shot to the 15th green.

The only problem was that his club was still on its down stroke and the resulting air shot left at least one golfer unamused!