Floodlit bowls continues at Ribb

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The second qualifying round of competition one of the Bar-Be-Quick Floodlit Bowls at Ribblesdale Wanderers is held tomorrow.

Practice is at 6-15 p.m., with a 6-45 p.m. start.

The draw is: A. Catterill and A. Davies v M. Beardmore and G Dodd; I. Edmondson and S. Varley v J. Hodson and P. Stringfellow; P. Hilton and K. Dugdale v D. Ashworth and P. Welman; M. Wensley and J. Kerr v A. Cornall and A. Whitehead; G. Evans and A. Rukin v D. Niven and G. Rushton; B. & T. Williams v R. Riley and D. Shawforth; C. Ramell and W. Ditchfield v C. Jolly and A. Power; B. Blackburn and J. Lacey v G. Emmison and A. Lord.

The third qualifying round is on Tuesday, again with practice at 6-15 p.m. and a start time of 6-45 p.m.

The draw is: I. Beecroft and A. Handford v B. Finn and M. Flemming; G. Dixon and S. Greenwood v K. Crook and G. Barratt; D. Walker and A. Lowe v B. and K. Cumberbach; C. Atkinson and M. Embery v T. Connell and J. Robinson; H. Hargreaves and L. Longland v J. Larder and D. Pilkington; S. Gall and A. Dewhurst v S. Barnes and R. Cook; D. Cunliffe and D. Aspden v J. Ellson and R. Haydock; M. Dennett and K. Ainscough v M. Ashworth and M. Saulle.

And the fourth qualifying round is next Friday, with the same times.

The draw is: M. and M. Cox v L. Evans and M. Sheehy; B. Gaskell and A. O’Connor v D. Hogg and J. Wyche; B. Mcllen and K. Bond v M. Simpson and I. Bernard; B. Horman and C. Crompton v L. Nuttall and L. Ramell; R. Evans and H. Parnell v K. Moore and P. Drinkall; D. Phillips and M. Rimmer v D. Parkinson and D. Butler; M. Graham and A. Threlfall v G. Alderson and F. Herbert;D. Sturman and P. Fisher v G. Evans and A. Harrison.