Eventful rally as Tommi gains experience at Three Sisters

Tommi Meadows in action
Tommi Meadows in action

Tommi Meadows had an eventful first rally at Three Sisters.

After a good start in slippery conditions, with impressing stage times set, a coming together with a chicane knocked the 14-year-old Bowland High School pupil’s confidence.

“I tried to take the chicane without lifting off and misjudged it by a few centimetres - the wing mirror clipped the chicane barrel, which caused it to flick back and smash the window.”

After finding some clear plastic to wrap around the window, Tommi and experienced co-driver Ian Oakey, from Settle, headed out for the afternoon stages.

“I was just starting to get my confidence back when the back end came out on a series of slippery corners before a tight hairpin left, meaning I couldn’t get the entry to the hairpin right and we slid off onto the grass and got stuck.”

After losing over one and a half minutes, a good result was impossible, with the main thing was to get as much experience as possible.

After a hard event in wet conditions, Meadows and Oakey came home 11th.

“I am annoyed at myself for going off and losing so much time, although the main thing was to come and get a finish which is what we have done.

“I think I will be a lot more consistent on my next event and hopefully I wont make any more costly mistakes!

“I would like to thank Ian, Powermaxed Racing, Proflex Shock Absorbers and my parents.”