Clitheroe racer Simon puts himself in the frame ahead of final round

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AHEAD of the final round of the British Rallycross Championship, Clitheroe’s Simon Horton put himself in a commanding position by securing another top five result at Pembrey, South Wales.

Simon had to work his way through the qualifying heats, and the first race of the day was heavily compromised after five corners when a competitor lost control of his car just in front of Simon and slammed into the front driver’s side wheel of his car, damaging the steering and knocking Simon off the track. He managed to recover and wrestle his damaged car round to reach the chequered flag and at least set a time.

With the steering on the Subaru Impreza repaired over the break, heat two was significantly better, Simon claiming third position at the flag and showing some real pace.

The final heat was also smooth sailing and he managed to claim fourth place, for fourth position on the grid in the final.

Simon took up his position on the second row against fellow Subaru driver Gary Pusey. As the lights turned green, both launched off the line together, but a fluffed gear change allowed Gary to just slip up the inside into the first corner and take over fourth position. The drivers were glued together lap after lap, with Gary driving a defensive race, meaning Horton’s ultimate pace was compromised. Horton tried every trick in the book to pass, but was held at bay and had to settle for fifth position.

It was still a great result for the team and promoted Simon to fifth in the championship going into the final round at Croft.