Clitheroe Dolphins show what they are capable of at big gala

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THERE were medals and speeding tickets galore as Clitheroe Dolphins headed to Blackpool for the North Lancashire Gala.

A total 37 swimmers made the journey, aiming to improve on their personal best times and show all the other clubs in North Lancashire what they are capable of, and they succeeded!

Swimming against much bigger clubs such as Preston, Blackburn and Blackpool, the Dolphins held their own to bring back 22 medals in total from the Level 3 meet in the Palatine 25m pool.

All swimmers who competed improved on previous times in at least some of their events, which goes to show the improvement in the swimmers.

In total, Dolphins brought back 12 gold, four silver and six bronze medals, along with a fantastic 22 speeding tickets, which are awarded for swims faster than the upper limit for qualifying time.

The medallists were as follows: Gold medals - Patrick Enion 200m Backstroke, Jacob Crompton 50m Freestyle, Ben Stanley 50m Freestyle, Abigail Procter 50m Butterfly, Darcy Williams 200m Backstroke, Hannah Procter 200m Backstroke, Isabella Watt 50m Freestyle, Joseph Kenny 50m Butterfly, Charlie Coy 100m Breaststroke, Isabella Watt 200m Freestyle, Alasdair Moir 200m Butterfly, Joseph Kenny 200m Butterfly.

Silver medals - Abigail Procter 50m Freestyle, Harry Paige 100m Breaststroke, Charlie Coy 100m Butterfly, Harvey Griffin 50m Butterfly.

Bronze medals - Jarvis Stanton 200m IM, Hannah Procter 50m Butterfly, Jack Stanley 200m Freestyle, Henry Gibson 50m Breaststroke, Harvey Haworth 200m Breaststroke, Abigail Procter 200m Butterfly.

Speeding tickets - Patrick Enion 50m Backstroke, Alasdair Moir 200m Backstroke, Jack Stanley 200m Backstroke, Ellie Taylor 100m IM, Alasdair Moir 50m Freestyle, Ellie Taylor 100m Backstroke, Harvey Haworth 200m Freestyle, Abigail Procter 200m IM, Jacob Crompton 50m Breaststroke, Hannah Procter 50m Backstroke, Charlie Coy 50m Backstroke, Harvey Haworth 100m Freestyle, Joseph Kenny 100m Freestyle, Alasdair Moir 200m Breaststroke, Harvey Griffin 200m Breaststroke, Alasdair Moir 100m IM, Harvey Griffin 100m IM, Jack Stanley 100m IM, Hannah Procter 50m Freestyle, Charlie Coy 50m Freestyle, Hannah Procter 200m Freestyle, Jack Stanley 200m Butterfly.

Next up for the Dolphins is the internal sprint gala on Saturday, November 26th at Ribblesdale Pool.

Training details are as follows: When you join Dolphins you are allocated a session and a lane.

Swimmers move up through the sessions based on ability, not age.

Session one: Monday (Ribblesdale) 6-45-7-30 p.m.; Friday (Ribblesdale) 6-45-7-15 p.m.

Session two: Thursday (Ribblesdale) 7-8 p.m.; Friday (Ribblesdale) 7-15-8 p.m.

Session three: Monday (Ribblesdale) 7-30-8-30 p.m.; Wednesday (Stonyhurst) 8-9 p.m.; Friday (Ribblesdale) 8-9 p.m.; Saturday (Ribblesdale) 7-30-8-30 a.m.

Session four: Monday (Ribblesdale) 8-30-9-30 p.m. with the option of swimming for an additional 30 minutes for the older swimmers; Wednesday (Stonyhurst) 8-9 p.m.; Friday (Ribblesdale) 9-10 p.m.; Saturday (Ribblesdale) 7-30-8-30 a.m.

Sundays (Ribblesdale): Micro League training 5-6 p.m.; Swim League training 6-7 p.m.; Beginners – small pool 5-5-30 p.m.

Technique Classes: Tuesday (Ribblesdale) 7-8 p.m.