Clitheroe Dolphins dominate

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A TRIP to the Crosby seaside proved very successful for Clitheroe Dolphins’ micro A team as they stormed to victory for the second time this season.

The 12-year-olds won the first two relay races and the team maintained first place through the whole gala with the final result: Clitheroe Dolphins 149 pts; Lancaster 123 pts; Garston 112 pts; Garstang 97 pts.

All the swimmers contributed to the victory as 21 out of the 49 races were won by the team. Some 15 second place finishes also added to the points tally.

The following swimmers won their events;

Relays – Girls U12 Medley Relay, Isabella Watt, Megan Hunter, Charlie Coy, Caitlin Preston; Boys U12 Medley Relay, Joseph Kenny, Jacob Crompton, Patrick Enion, Iwan Timmins; Girls U10 Medley Relay, Charlie Ashworth, Maisie Donald, Alice Entwistle, Alice Fox; Girls U12 Freestyle Relay, Isabella Watt, Megan Hunter, Charlie Coy, Caitlin Preston; Boys U12 Freestyle Relay, Joseph Kenny, Jacob Crompton, Iwan Timmins, Harvey Griffin; Mixed Freestyle Relay, Hannah Dunford, Harry Wood, Alice Fox, Alasdair Moir, Hannah Procter, Jack Stanley, Charlie Coy, Joseph Kenny.

Individual Events – Boys U9 25m Freestyle, Drew Coulston; Girls U10 50m Breaststroke, Alice Fox; Girls U12 50m Butterfly, Charlie Coy; Boys U12 50m Butterfly, Iwan Timmins; Boys U10 50m, Backstroke Alasdair Moir; Girls U11 50m, Butterfly Hannah Procter; Boys U11 50m Butterfly, Jack Stanley; Girls U12 50m Freestyle, Isabella Watt; Boys U9 25m Backstroke, Harry Wood; Girls U10 25m Butterfly, Alice Entwistle; Boys U11 50m Freestyle, Jack Stanley; Boys U9 25m Butterfly, Oliver Timmins; Girls U11 50m Breaststroke, Hannah Procter; Girls U12 50m Backstroke, Isabella Watt; Boys U12 50m, Backstroke Joseph Kenny.

The next gala for the A team is in Burnley on June 16th.