Clitheroe climber Connor receives welcome backing

The Imst climbing wall
The Imst climbing wall
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Clitheroe climber Connor Byrne has received a boost after being sponsored by Johnson Matthey.

The firm have offered to help him with the cost of travel insurance, which is necessary to compete in Europe for the Great British Senior and Junior teams, and the cost of entrance fees for these events.

Connor said: “It is wonderful to have the support of local industry and I will endeavour to do my sponsors proud later in the year when I am competing on the Senior Circuit.”

Over Easter he travelled to Austria with the GB Junior Team to train on the International competition walls at Innsbruck and Imst.

He said: “The Imst wall still had the routes set from the Senior World Cup last year. I was pleased to get quite high on the two qualifiers routes and had a good go at the final route.

“It was a bit daunting, but then it would not be Senior World Cup standard if it was easy.

“I also used one of the women’s qualifier routes from the Senior World Cup to train on, this was quite an enjoyable route.

“I would like to thank all my sponsors, without whom the cost of representing GB would be prohibitive:- Sports Aid, Beyond Hope, Lancashire Rising Star and UClan, RVBC and Whalley Physio.