Clitheroe boxer returns with victory

VICTORIOUS: Danny Ridgway faces opponent Malcolm 'Maly' Richardson. (s)
VICTORIOUS: Danny Ridgway faces opponent Malcolm 'Maly' Richardson. (s)

CLITHEROE’S Danny Ridgway was victorious in his rematch with Malcolm “Maly” Richardson last Saturday night at the long-anticipated bout held at the Holiday Inn, Bolton.

After being knocked down in the first round, Danny rallied to come back in the second, delivering well aimed left hooks to his opponents left side.

He commented: “I saw his legs wobble after a couple of really well landed body blows. He went down and stayed down for about six seconds, then he was up again. I directed punches to the same area as I now knew that this was his weak spot. He came straight back at me and had me on the ropes, so I spun him around and got some solid shots in for around another 15 seconds and he went down again.

He continued: “He was soon on his feet, but I knew I’d hurt him as he was holding his ribs. I landed another left hook to his head – he then lifted his arms and I managed to get another one into his ribs which finally put him down.”

The result was judged a technical knock out in the second round and Danny is understandably delighted. He continued: “I’m the fittest I’ve ever been it was definitely my energy levels that won me the fight. I had enough in me to keep coming back, even when I thought I had nothing left to give. I was able to keep moving around and Maly just couldn’t keep up with the pace.”

Danny was overwhelmed by the support on the night, with around 50 people coming along to cheer him on. He said “It was absolutely brilliant to hear the support from the crowd and it really spurred me on, especially in the first round. My mum and dad even came to surprise me after they’d said they wouldn’t be coming as they couldn’t bear for me to get into the ring with Richardson again. It was just a great night.

He continued “It also meant a lot to me that my corner men were my brother-in-law Chris Dixon and my oldest friend Robert Simpson. I knew they would look out for me and I trusted them completely. The match was also judged ‘fight of the night’ by the promoters out of the 12 bouts which took place, which shows it was a great fight from the crowd’s point of view.”

Asked if his vow to retire after facing Richardson still stands, Danny is almost certain he won’t be getting into the ring again: “I’ve been approached about turning pro and I still haven’t said either way, though I think my wife Emma might have the final say and for her it would be a definite and resounding ‘No’!”