Bowland High School racer Tommi in the top 10!

Tommi Meadows
Tommi Meadows
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Tommi Meadows came away from round two of the Kick Energy Runior 1000 Rally Championship content with a top 10 result.

Meadows and co driver Ian Oakey headed to Anglesey Circuit with the goal of a safe finish with no damage to the car.

The crew were greeted with dry weather on the morning of the rally, which meant there would be more room for error on these longer, faster Anglesey stages.

“The championship uses a control tyre - Yokohama AO48R’s - which are not very good in the wet, however they grip incredibly in the dry,” said Tommi.

During stage one, the 14-year-old caught up the car in front after setting off at 30-second intervals.

This meant that Tommi lost around 15 to 20 seconds before he could pass.

During the day, Tommi’s times improved drastically, going from 10 seconds a mile slower than the eventual rally William Creighton on the first stage, to only three seconds a mile slower by the sixth.

Tommi was rewarded at the end of the day with ninth place, improving on his seeding of 13th. “We have around a month and a half until the next rally, which means we have a chance to check the car over properly and make sure everything is working as it should and not costing us any time.

“I would like to thank Gordon from Proflex for helping to get the car to handle so well, Ian for sitting in with me and, as always, my parents.”