Billington racer Ben celebrates victory at 90th Manx GP

Ben Rea in action at the Manx GP
Ben Rea in action at the Manx GP
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Billington race ace Ben Rea won the Newcomer Race C at the Manx GP in the Isle of Man by over a minute and a half.

The Manx GP was celebrating it’s 90th anniversary and Ben Rae was also left celebrating at the end of the day.

The race, on the famous TT track, was Ben Rae’s first closed road race.

Rae said: “It was my first closed road race and completely different to anything I’ve ever done before.

“We led practice all weekend, so when the race started I treated it like an extra practice for the first few laps.

“I ended up leading the race all the way through and the result was brilliant for me.”

With an average speed of 102mph, Ben cruised to victory on his Honda 400 and is looking forward to next season: “I’m over in Aintree in a few weeks racing there and next season we will be looking at doing the Manx GP again.

“There’s also a few more road races over in Northern Ireland we’re looking at racing in.

“Hopefully next season will be just as good.”