Action-packed season for Chaigley sisters!

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CHAIGLEY ministox drivers Hazel and Abigail Stansfield have ended their season of racing filled with highs and lows.

Hazel (15) and Abigail (13) have had a fun-filled season racing around the country as far as Skegness and Kings Lynn.

Abigail gained her first podium in the Isle of Man, finishing third, ending the season with 16 points and picking up some of her best results yet.

Hazel, meanwhile, was crowned queen of chaos, for many reasons which included her car going in many different directions!

She even managed to half roll her car at Skegness and carried on to get a 10th, and barrel-rolled her car at Coventry, also having a accident at Barford Raceway after getting airlifted away - from which she has now fully recovered.

Hazel finished the racing season with 62 points.

They would both like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has helped them throughout the season - Keith Clement Auto Electricians, Tom Hickey’s, John O’Taylor, Pete and James Billows, John and James Lund, Team 995, Hayhursts, and most of all their mum and dad for having to put up with going racing every weekend!

The girls have set up a Facebook page Team Stansfield Racing, updating it with weekly posts.