We’ve still got to go hard - boss

Sean Dyche celebrates with members of the board
Sean Dyche celebrates with members of the board
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Promotion to the Premier League may be in the bag for Burnley.

But Clarets boss Sean Dyche isn’t dreaming of Anfield and Old Trafford just yet, as he looks to end a remarkable season in style.

Burnley already have their record number of points - 89 - for a league campaign since the switch to three points for a win in 1981, the latest in a long line of milestones achieved by the squad.

And while tomorrow’s home game with Ipswich Town will be played out in a party atmosphere as the club celebrates a return to the big time - and the centenary of their only FA Cup win in 1914 - Dyche is eager to keep his foot on the gas, before preparations for next season begin in earnest: “We’ve still got to go hard like we do in the last two games.

“Beyond that we’ll start planning for the future, but at the moment it’s about enjoying the now.

“It’s a fantastic achievement already, but to finish with two points a game over a season is an unbelievable marker, and hopefully we can maintain that.”

He has refused to set limits to what he and his side can achieve, and that will continue next season, when Burnley will be among most pundits’ favourites to be relegated.

However, his players won’t take a blind bit of notice: “There are words we’ve used a lot, relentless, limitless. It’s just a mindset.

“The hardest thing is all the noise on the outside. It’s only noise if you stay focused on what you do. Real achievers I believe stay focused on the job in hand, whatever that job might be.

“If they don’t get caught up in all the noise around it, then they stay focused on the job in hand, whatever that job may be. They stay focused on that role and responsibility, and they’ve done that.

“The players have been absolutely exceptional this season. Next season, all we can do is what we can do. I’m always reality bound.

“We know the immediacy is to enjoy the moment, we’ve got two more games.

“We’re going to have some fantastic days as a group coming up, with some enjoyable days with the fans. They can all be planned and enjoyed.”