Walking football is reuniting players with game they love!

Players at the first walking football taster session
Players at the first walking football taster session

Roefield Leisure Centre has embraced sport for the over 50s with a six-week taster session of walking football in the indoor sports hall.

The first session was attended by 10 over 50s, some of whom hadn’t kicked a ball in anger for over 15 years and more.

Weekly sessions on a Wednesday evening from 9-10 p.m. will take place throughout November, with the last of the taster sessions on Wednesday, December 3rd.

It is hoped that enough interest will ensure a weekly programme of walking football on a league or competition basis.

After the first session, organiser Stuart Thompson (52), said: “It is a lot harder than it looks and after an hour of non-stop movement, I can certainly feel the benefit. It is still football in its purest forms, with skill and accurate passing needed, albeit at a slower pace.”

Lancashire FA Chief Executive and former Clitheroe manager David Burgess is supporting the sessions and added: “Walking football is popping up around the county and it is an excellent opportunity to reunite players with the game. We have players in some parts of the county in their 70’s playing the format of the game and getting real enjoyment at being able to play the game they love.”

To take part in the taster sessions, simply turn up at Roefield at 8 p.m. on Wednesdays. There is a cost of £2, and for further information contact Thompson (07518 839820) or Burgess (07730 691243).