School boy banned from playing football by FIFA

International transfer rules have scuppered a 15-year-old Lancashire schoolboy's chances of playing for his local team.

Monday, 30th May 2016, 1:06 pm
Updated Monday, 30th May 2016, 2:08 pm
A 15-year-old Scottish footballer has been told by FIFA that he can't play over the border in England because of international transfer rules. Louiee Scott has fallen foul of the rules designed to tackle the practice of European clubs poaching Under 16s from Africa and South America.

Louiee Scott, boards at a private Lancashire school but has been told by FIFA he can’t play for Preston football team Cadley FC because of his Scottish roots.

The rules are designed to tackle the practice of European clubs poaching under 16s from Africa and South America, but could potentially see Louiee unable to play for the Central Lancashire Junior Football League team until he’s 18.

The governing body of football does allow him to play for school and train with the club but his registration was rejected at the start of the season leading to a nine battle with both the FA and FIFA.

Speaking to the BBC’s 5live radio show, Louiee branded the decision “ridiculous” and says it’s unfair he can’t join the amateur club.

He said: “I went to sign the registration forms and everything was done but then they said I couldn’t register. They said I couldn’t play. The main reason was because my parents weren’t living England at the time.”

The Fulwood club were first rejected by the FA and appealed to FIFA, which also rejected Louiee’s registration.

And the club’s development officer, Joanne Burrow says the club will lobby FIFA if that’s what it takes.

She said: “It’s very complicated but because of Louiee having a Scottish passport and his parents living in Scotland he can’t sign. He’s just trained all season and he’s a good fit at the club so it’s not good he can’t play. We want Louiee to play here and we’ll do everything we can to get him to play.”

The registration was blocked by FIFA’s Article 19 - The Protection of Minors and in the BBC’s interview Louiee says he just wants to play football.

“Some of the others go and play Sunday league and I can’t and get left behind,” he said. “I would like to play and I would like to have my registration signed.”