New Premier League ruling could force Clarets into unwelcome change

Over a century of Turf Moor tradition could well come to an end with promotion to the Premier League.

Friday, 1st April 2016, 6:00 am
Anything but this! Ashley Barnes prays Burnley dont have to play in this silver strip again

Reports leaked to me this week suggest that there will be new strip regulations for next season.

And those regulations will almost certainly bring about an end to the famous Turf Moor roar “Come On You Clarets”.

It has been suggested that the global success of the Premier League is causing confusion in some countries.

Fans across the world are finding it difficult to work out which club is which as each of the 20 has at least two, and in some cases three, strips.

Fearing a loss in worldwide TV income the league is now considering each club having one nominated strip and, therefore, 20 different colours being in use.

And that could cause a headache for the Clarets as West Ham, likely to finish in the European places, will have first choice on Claret and Blue.

When a first choice has already been taken, the current second strip becomes the choice.

But yellow is likely to go to either Norwich or Watford.

And none of the more recent “change” strips offers any other reasonable option as they are largely either blue or white.

That would seem to leave last season’s third strip, a none-too-lucky silver affair, as the choice.

But some Turf Moor insiders are suggesting that the club would rather avoid promotion than play in that strip ever again.

There is one loophole which could give the Clarets a slight get-out.

Apparently a colour not currently in use in the Premier League and not likely to be in use within the next 15 or 20 years could be adopted by a club without suitable other options.

And that could see Burnley steal Blackpool’s colours, change them slightly and go slightly darker than a normal tangerine shade.

After all, “Come On You Carrots” doesn’t sound too unlike the current chants of the soon-to-be disgruntled Turf Moor faithful.