Dyche putting Proudsville on the footballing map!

Sean Dyche has helped put Burnley back on the footballing map.

Thursday, 14th December 2017, 8:03 pm
Updated Thursday, 14th December 2017, 8:55 pm
Sean Dyche

But one memorable quip at Tuesday night’s post match press conference after the 1-0 win over Stoke City at Turf Moor has led to the town being dubbed Proudsville for now!

Dyche was asked whether he was proud of leading the Clarets to fourth in the Premier League - their highest top-flight standing since 1975, said, tongue firmly in cheek: “I‘m very proud, I‘m super proud, I‘m the proudest man in Proudsville!”

The line has resonated with fans, and prompted a spoof video by the club trailing a soap opera of the same name.

Sean Dyche

Ahead of the trip to Brighton, Dyche smiled: “I didn't intend on that making news, it was a funny answer to a funny question.

“They certainly got a line. There's a bit of that. Joking apart, of course I'm proud of what the club is achieving, so far. I've been saying that a few weeks. We keep going and getting results. We know we've got to work hard.”

But he isn’t shifting the bar in terms of what he feels his players can achieve this season: “The target stays the same, open-mindedness about the group. The first target is to try and achieve something better than last year in terms of the team developing, that's the main judgement, I think we're finding it a good mixture of both. The players are reality bound, we know it's an ongoing challenge It is to be enjoyed.

“The main thing was to progress. The first marker is can you beat last year's total. Historically that gives you every chance, but also it shows signs of improving. It's important to me. Year on year progress is good signs.”

Sean Dyche

The progress made so far has surprised Dyche, however: “I'm always a realist. I didn't think we could get where we have this early.

“The Premier League is so difficult, I thought we'd be better than last year. We got to the end of pre-season and looking at the first few games...I'd be lying if I said we'd hit this points tally so early, because the Premier League is very difficult. Even when you’re playing well you can still lose. Team can be better than you on the day, the standard raises. I've been pleased with performance level.

“But our target is to build on last year. I try and simplify it. The players are aligned with that. The biggest thing is are we moving forward. Then we readjust and reassess as we go forward. Done well over a number of seasons. We've done that well.”

He added: “What we're doing is realistic to sustain growth year on year. No one has made wild promises. I think a lot of fans are realising the club is moving forward.

“Five years ago we were selling to survive. A lot of fans haven't forgotten that.. New fans maybe who haven't seen all that, but I think there's a healthy level here of wanting more but not forgetting this team works on a well-run club and solid base.”