Dyche looking to box clever in the market

Clarets boss Sean Dyche
Clarets boss Sean Dyche
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Speculation is already in full flow as to who Burnley will bring in ahead of their assault on the Premier League.

And Clarets boss Sean Dyche is open-minded as he ponders his summer transfer business.

He accepts, even with a promotion windfall, the club will have to box clever in the market.

But he hasn’t ruled out going abroad for new faces - although the scope of Burnley’s scouting network may make such targets harder to come by: “We’re looking at budgets and possibilities and we’ll be as open-minded as we can.

“The lower end of the market as regards finance is probably going to be where we shop.

“There may well be players at clubs who still want to be in the Premier League, it depends which clubs and which players.

“My challenge is to continue to construct a team that can be competitive. That won’t change. You can never guarantee anything. I think you can guarantee your team competes but you can’t guarantee every outcome.

“We have to be sensible as a club but we also have to be competitive, so it’s finding that right balance enough to allow us the chance to be competitive but not break the bank and kill the club for the future. It’s important that balance is found.”

As regards the prospect of shopping overseas, he admitted: “People always say to me, ‘You’re not really interested in foreign players.’ I’ve never been at a club to scout them. At Watford we had two ha’pennies and here we’ve got two ha’pennies.

“You can’t bring a player in just because you’ve heard they’re decent. You have to scout them, you have to look at them, you have to get the stats on them, you have to check them out.

“If they were Martians and they were good at football they’d do me, as long as they’re cheap.”

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