Dyche looking for the winning way

Flexible style: Clarets boss Sean Dyche believes there are many different ways to get the right result
Flexible style: Clarets boss Sean Dyche believes there are many different ways to get the right result
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Clarets boss Sean Dyche admits he isn’t searching for the right way to play, just the winning way.

Burnley have stormed to the top of the Championship on an 11-game unbeaten streak, having lost only once in the league all season.

They have also earned plaudits for the way they have gone about theirbusiness, with a style of play that has been easy on the eye.

As he prepares for tomorrow’s trip to his former club Nottingham Forest, Dyche is delighted to have found a perfect balance of results and performance so far this season.

But ultimately it is all about the three points.

Dyche said: “I think evolving is the key thing.

“I believe in flexibility.

“People go on about ‘the right way of playing’. Personally I’m not a believer of that.

“I think there’s an appropriate way of playing and that is for your team to play to win.

“That’s my marker in the sand.

“My idea of managing a situation is to look at what you’ve got, not what you haven’t, and then work with what you’ve got, design it in order to win.

“However you find a way of doing that is the secret.

“I’m not a zealot to one or the other. I believe in what we’re doing, I think it’s well documented we’re playing good football as well as winning at the moment, which is the nice link that everyone wants.

“But winning is the name of the game, that’s the outcome that everyone wants.

“Every fan, every manager, every player, every coach, every board member - everyone wants to win.

“I’ve been flexible with that at my last club and this club, and that goes back to the players.

“We’ve got a group here we think fit the style we think is appropriate for them to go and progress and win.”

The style was more direct at Watford, in his previous job, but, as he explains: “I made it clear we had a different group at Watford than what we’ve got here, and we played a different way because we couldn’t use the players better - not that one’s better than the other, just what we think is a different way of playing with our group here than what we had at Watford.

“And players likewise, who fit in with the situation we’ve got here and the group.

“That’s my thinking.”

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